Smart 3D Glasses for the Visually Impaired

A theme in computer vision aims to replicate what human eyes can do.  Let’s envision the software to assist those who don’t have the capability to see.  Equipped with 3D tracking, Smart Glasses would allow localization, mapping, and collision-free path planning to give the visually impaired the human scale of depth and perception needed to successfully steer through their environments. Voice prompts or subtle vibrations emitted from the glass frames can help navigate.

Guide dogs are used to assist the blind to plan a clear path as well as locate important landmarks such as the bus stop, pedestrian crossings, places to sit, one’s house. However they can present certain limitations and disadvantages: they require extensive training, daily maintenance, and will need to be replaced when he or she can no longer work. Smart Glasses may be able to replace guide dogs to give people with visual impairments a greater degree of independence and sense of control over their own lives.